July 12, 2022 Tobias S. Christensen appointed new CEO of Pharmacosmos

Lars Christensen has decided to resign and the board has appointed Tobias S. Christensen as new President and CEO of Pharmacosmos. Lars Christensen continues in the company in a new role as Senior Advisor and as Deputy Chairman of the Board. 

Lars Christensen is a MD and was employed by Pharmacosmos in 1977 after holding positions in the pharmaceutical industry in Denmark and in Italy. He has been the CEO of Pharmacosmos since 1994, when he took over the position from his father, Henry Marinus Christensen, who founded Pharmacosmos in 1965. 

Tobias S. Christensen, a graduate in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), worked for the Boston Consulting Group for several years prior to his employment with Pharmacosmos in 2014. Tobias has held a broad range of responsibilities across business areas, most recently in the position of Chief Operating Officer.

Lars Christensen says:

I am proud and happy to look back on what we have achieved over the last decades, and I am pleased that Pharmacosmos has succeeded in recruiting so many talented managers, employees and strong advisers. Together we have made the company what it is today. We have established a unique production facility and we have developed innovative iron complexes, which are supported by extensive clinical studies, for the benefit of patients worldwide. We have developed into a fully integrated pharmaceutical company with approvals in the largest global pharmaceutical markets. Likewise, we have a strong foundation of competent and committed employees in Denmark, the Nordic countries, the United Kingdom, Germany, China and the USA. 

It is with great confidence that I transfer the responsibilities to Tobias. Tobias possesses a wide range of strong capabilities and is very skilled chemically, scientifically, and commercially. Tobias is innovative, focused and hard working and has contributed greatly to our strategy and growth over the recent years. 

Tobias S. Christensen says: 

Since 1977, with my father as the driving force, Pharmacosmos has developed from a small Danish company with 18 employees and a turnover of a few million Danish Kroner into an international company with 500 employees in eight countries and a turnover of 1.3 billion DKK. I am happy to have been a part of the development and of having the opportunity to work closely with my father during the last 8 years. Pharmacosmos is today an efficient organisation of skilled colleagues with strong shared values. We are well prepared to make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead.


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