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Branded Product

Pharmacosmos markets its world leading injectable iron brand Uniferon® through dedicated partners in more than 20 countries. Our injectable iron is a proprietary Pharmacosmos product optimized for use in veterinary medicine and it is supported by a strong brand platform and farm-level anaemia management service program. The optimal partner are companies with a full sales coverage of their local market, strong competencies in veterinary medicine, and a dedication to bring optimal iron care to their local veterinarians and farmers.

Pharmacosmos is actively seeking partners  in a number of markets, including France (registered),  Brazil, and Japan. To learn more, please contact Michael Ryde at

Iron Dextran API

Pharmacosmos is a globally leading and FDA and EMA approved manufacturer of iron dextran API.

Our API business focuses on countries where we are not active with Uniferon® and the use for new applications within veterinary medicine.

To learn more, please write to us at

collaboration with researchers & clinicians

We collaborate with leading medical experts in driving research to uncover new clinical insights of iron metabolism and iron deficiency that have the potential to change the way iron deficiency is prevented and treated in humans. We are actively seeking opportunities to collaborate on investigator sponsored studies.

To learn more, please contact Lars L. Thomsen at


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