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Pharmacosmos is leader in the development and production of glucose poly- and oligosaccharides and their derivatives across a broad range of specifications. Our offering includes a multitude of standard products as well as the ability to produce according to custom specifications, e.g., "hard-to-copy" specifications for pharmaceutical customers. We operate a fully integrated, FDA and EMA approved factory in Denmark.


Pharmacosmos has for a number of years worked on a carbohydrate-based alternative to DMSO for cryopreservation This has led to the development of Pentaisomaltose®, which holds significant promise to enable DMSO-free cryopreservation of a number of cell types, including among other hematopoetic stemcells, cord blood, and T cells. For other cell types, Pentaisomaltose® may enable reduced usage of DMSO and a better safety profile.

Pharmacosmos is actively seeking commercialization partners for Pentaisomaltose® for hospital applications. Pentaisomaltose® is available for testing under a Material Transfer Agreement to select partners and companies working to develop new cell therapies involving cryopreservation. For more information, visit or contact Anne-Marie Oerkild at


Pharmacosmos is the world leader in pharmaceutical quality dextrans, with a full range of products including dextran products meeting the US, European, Japanese pharmacopeias. Pharmacosmos further offers pharmaceutical quality ultra dextran (very narrow distributions), technical dextrans and GPC standards.

In our synthesis facility, we produce carbohydrate derivatives including DEAE dextran and carboxymethyl dextran.  For more information, visit

If you want to know how we can collaborate, please contact Anne-Marie Oerkild at


collaboration with researchers and clinicians

We collaborate with leading medical experts in driving research to uncover new clinical insights of iron metabolism and iron deficiency that have the potential to change the way iron deficiency is prevented and treated in humans. We are actively seeking opportunities to collaborate on investigator sponsored studies.

To learn more, please contact Lars L. Thomsen at


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