March 16, 2021 Pharmacosmos Introduces PentaHibe®

A new excipient for uncompromising cryopreservation

Holbaek, DENMARK, (March 16, 2021)

Pharmacosmos, a world leader in developing and producing carbohydrates for pharmaceutical applications, is introducing PentaHibe® for 
uncompromising cryopreservation. 

PentaHibe® is a new alternative cryoprotective agent to the standard of today, Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO). While an effective cryoprotectant, DMSO is associated with dose-dependent toxicity and side effects. PentaHibe® is a non-toxic oligosaccharide that mitigates the risk of DMSO toxicity.

Studies with PentaHibe® has shown favourable results for cryopreserving a variety of cell lines, including Mesenchymal stem cells, T cells and Hematopoietic stem cells, either as the sole
cryoprotectant or in combination with a low (1 - 2%) content of DMSO.

“The introduction of PentaHibe® is a cornerstone in Pharmacosmos’ ambition to become a key partner in cell therapy innovation. PentaHibe® has a proven efficacy and safety profile and its
supporting documentation meets the highest regulatory requirements” says Dr Lars Christensen, President and CEO at Pharmacosmos.

PentaHibe® is available as a sterile 40% solution or as powder. The cryoprotectant in PentaHibe® is Pentaisomaltose® which is a sub-fraction of Dextran 1 – an oligosaccharide of glucose. PentaHibe® is produced under cGMP with a strong regulatory documentation package.

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