March 16, 2021 Pharmacosmos Introduces PentaHibe®

A new excipient for uncompromising cryopreservation

Holbaek, DENMARK, (March 16, 2021)

Pharmacosmos, a world leader in developing and producing carbohydrates for pharmaceutical applications, is introducing PentaHibe® for 
uncompromising cryopreservation. 

PentaHibe® is a new alternative cryoprotective agent to the standard of today, Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO). While an effective cryoprotectant, DMSO is associated with dose-dependent toxicity and side effects. PentaHibe® is a non-toxic oligosaccharide that mitigates the risk of DMSO toxicity.

Studies with PentaHibe® has shown favourable results for cryopreserving a variety of cell lines, including Mesenchymal stem cells, T cells and Hematopoietic stem cells, either as the sole
cryoprotectant or in combination with a low (1 - 2%) content of DMSO.

“The introduction of PentaHibe® is a cornerstone in Pharmacosmos’ ambition to become a key partner in cell therapy innovation. PentaHibe® has a proven efficacy and safety profile and its
supporting documentation meets the highest regulatory requirements” says Dr Lars Christensen, President and CEO at Pharmacosmos.

PentaHibe® is available as a sterile 40% solution or as powder. The cryoprotectant in PentaHibe® is Pentaisomaltose® which is a sub-fraction of Dextran 1 – an oligosaccharide of glucose. PentaHibe® is produced under cGMP with a strong regulatory documentation package.

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About Pharmacosmos Group

Pharmacosmos Group, headquartered in Holbaek, Denmark, and founded in 1965, is a highly specialised company focused on carbohydrate chemistry and a global leader in the development of innovative treatments for patients suffering from iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia. With companies in the UK, Nordics, Germany, the USA, and China, as well as through partners, Pharmacosmos markets its products across the world. With a strong and ongoing commitment to R&D, Pharmacosmos is able to leverage a unique carbohydrate production platform along with deep expertise in the synthesis of iron-carbohydrate complexes.


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