Pharmacosmos is a family held and family led company. We favour long-lasting solutions over short-term gains, and we are focused on keeping the shortest possible chain of command throughout the company.

We see ourselves as a business based on trust and characterised by a strong sense of responsibility. This is the basis for our ambitions as a corporate citizen and our approach to sustainability.

Environmental impact

We work to protect and preserve the environment as part of our daily business operations e.g., by avoiding use of organic solvents and cyanide traditionally used in our industry. We make sure that the impact of our activities on the environment is kept to a minimum. 

People &

We focus on protecting people within our communities. We work to ensure a safe and healthy working environment in all locations and functions. Given their skills and talents, the people at Pharmacosmos are our most important asset. We do not compromise occupational health or safety. 



Ethics & Compliance

We earn the trust and respect of patients, partners and communities by upholding integrity and by being in compliance. Our values – People driven, Committed to Quality and Innovation for better lives – provide us with clear guidance for our professional behaviour.​

Partnering & community

We engage with partners and stakeholders, building and drawing from mutual expertise and resources, to change the way iron deficiency anaemia is prevented and treated in humans and animals.

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