Michael Ryde

Vice President, Partners, US & Marketing

MSc Business Economics, Graduate Diploma in Financing and Investments

Michael Ryde joined Pharmacosmos on 1 September 2013 as International Sales and Business Director. As of 1 September 2014 his role changed to Vice President of Sales, Human Iron and again as of 5 March 2018 Vice President, Partners & Marketing.

Michael holds extensive international experience from large companies such as LEO Pharma and Lundbeck A/S. 

He says about himself:

“Though my educational foundation is in financial controlling, my core experience comes from having built up from scratch Lundbeck’s businesses in both Turkey from 1999 to 2005 and in China from 2005 to 2009. The responsibility for Business Development for LEO’s strategically important Chinese market, gave me very useful experience in the challenges and opportunities when searching for in-licensing opportunities. Personally, I am the proud father of 4 children and happily married to my Japanese wife.”