June 21, 2022 The EU Commission opens antitrust investigation into competitors suspected illegal disparagement of Pharmacosmos’ main intravenous iron product

Holbaek, Denmark: The EU Commission has opened a formal antitrust investigation to assess whether Vifor Pharma has restricted competition against its blockbuster high-dose intravenous iron treatment medicine by illegally disparaging its closest – and potentially only – competitor in Europe on the market for intravenous iron treatment, Pharmacosmos.

The EU Commission’s decision to initiate an investigation is based on indications that Vifor Pharma may have been disparaging Monofer, Pharmacosmos’ high dose intravenous iron product, by spreading misleading information regarding its safety and thereby may have unduly hindered Monofer's uptake in the European Economic Area (‘EEA') where approximately 1.8 million patients annually are being treated with high-dose intravenous iron products.

This alleged abuse would ultimately harm patients by stifling competition from an innovative medicine.

Pharmacosmos, as the complainant, welcomes the EU Commission’s decision to open an in-depth and prioritized investigation into the alleged anticompetitive disparagement. Pharmacosmos believes this is a first important step to secure that competition in the market of IV iron happens based on the merits of the products.

Click on the link below to the EU Antitrust Press Release


Contact Information

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Claes C. Strom, CCO
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About Pharmacosmos

Headquartered in Denmark, Pharmacosmos is a family-owned, international healthcare company with more than 50 years of innovation and leadership in iron- and carbohydrate-based treatments and solutions for human and animal use.

A research-based company, its ongoing R&D programme focuses on improving the lives of patients with iron deficiency with or without anaemia. More than 1 billion people live with iron deficiency anaemia and it is the leading cause of death for an estimated 180,000 people every year. This makes it one of the largest global health challenges of our time.

Pharmacosmos has subsidiaries in US, China, UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Norway and its products are marketed in more than 80 countries around the world. Its manufacturing facilities are approved, among others, by the Danish Medicines Agency and the US FDA.


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