September 17, 2021 New study demonstrates advantages of PentaHibe® for cryopreservation of T cells

New data published by Haastrup EK. et. al in Transfusion and Apheresis Science1 demonstrates the efficacy of PentaHibe® in cryopreservation of T cells.

PentaHibe® (pentaisomaltose), a GMP excipient for cell therapies, is a new alternative cryoprotective agent for most cell types, including T cells, to the standard of today, Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO). While being an effective cryoprotectant, DMSO is associated with dose-dependent toxicity and side effects. PentaHibe® consist of non-toxic isomalto-oligosaccharides that mitigates the risk of DMSO toxicity.

The clinical side effects and undesirable cellular effects of DMSO are well known and have led to an increasing demand from health care professionals, authorities and patients for alternative cryoprotective agents that can provide safe alternative freezing media alone or in combination with reduced amounts of DMSO.

In the cryopreservation of T cells from healthy donors, the efficacy of a combination of PentaHibe® 10% + DMSO 2% was compared to DMSO 10% alone and to commercial media with 10% DMSO in regard to 1) viability, 2) recovery, 3) proliferation and 4) migration potential.

The study1 showed that the combination of PentaHibe® 10% with DMSO 2% was superior to DMSO 10% alone and comparable to commercial media with 10% DMSO when assessing viability and proliferation, comparable when assessing recovery, and superior when assessing migratory potential to both 10% DMSO alone and commercial media with 10% DMSO.

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Anne-Marie Ørkild, Sales and Business Director, E:

1Haastrup EK. et. Al, “DMSO (Me2SO) concentrations of 1-2% in combination with pentaisomaltose are effective for cryopreservation of T cells”, Transfusion and Apheresis Science, 2021


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