Iron deficiency anemia in piglets

Iron deficiency anemia in piglets develops as a consequence of insufficient iron supplement. Typically, therapeutic doses of Uniferon® 20% on the 1st-3rd day of the piglets' life are an effective method for prevention of iron deficiency anemia.

Due to low iron contents in sows' milk, piglets usually suffer from insufficient iron concentrations to maintain satisfactory hemoglobin blood levels until weaning. Furthermore, piglet iron deficiency anemia may also be caused by blood loss from navel bleeding possibly related to vitamin K deficiency.

Without proper iron supplement, this can lead to iron deficiency anemia, which may predispose the piglets to other serious health problems.

In nature, piglets may acquire sufficient supply of iron from soil, but since a majority of the piglets are brought up indoors without direct access to soil, iron supplement is required.

Piglet iron Injection

Although oral iron supplement is possible, variations in iron ingestion as well as limited intestinal iron absorption make piglet iron injection the favorable choice for iron supplement.

Pharmacosmos' veterinary iron dextran is the most commonly used medicine worldwide for prevention of iron deficiency anemia in piglets and is approved in North, Central and South America, Europe, Australia, South East Asia and Japan.