Pharmacosmos enters exclusive licensing agreement in China

May 11, 2011

Pharmacosmos A/S and Eddingpharm (Asia) Co., Ltd. has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement for sales of CosmoFer® (low Mw iron dextran) and Monofer® (iron isomaltoside 1000) in China. CosmoFer® and Monofer® are developed by Pharmacosmos for treatment of iron deficiency anemia1,2 (IDA).

With this agreement, Eddingpharm will take over sales and promotion activities for CosmoFer® and collaborate with Pharmacosmos on the registration of Monofer® in China.

CosmoFer® (low Mw iron dextran) is a treatment for iron deficiency anemia that can be administrated as both intramuscular and intravenous injection. CosmoFer® can be given in high doses as total dose infusion (TDI) or in low doses when repetitive session is preferred1. The product is marketed in more than 45 countries worldwide.

Monofer® (iron isomaltoside 1000) is an innovative chemical structure for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia. Monofer® is registered in 22 European countries and was launched in Europe in 2010. Monofer® offers low or high dose treatment of 100mg to 2000mg in one session and in one hour.Monofer® has a good safety profile and requires no test dose2.

It is reported that about 200 million people in China are suffering from iron deficiency anemia and iron malnutrition. The overall incidence rate is 15% to 20%, and children and women are high-risk population. Serious anemia patients, especially pregnant women, cancer patients, dialysis, transplantation and other surgery patients, need safe, fast and efficient iron treatment. Iron deficiency reduces production of hemoglobin, causing iron deficiency anemia, manifested as pale, interest weakness, palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, tinnitus, vertigo and other symptoms. CosmoFer® and Monofer® are broadly indicated to treat iron deficiency anemia.

"CosmoFer® and Monofer® will strengthen Eddingpharm's capabilities in different therapeutic areas in the Chinese market. Eddingpharm is committed to make further contributions to improving quality of life for anemia patients and is excited about the new partnership with Pharmacosmos" says Eddingpharm President & CEO Mr. Ni Xin.

"CosmoFer® is a leading IV iron product and has a proven efficacy and safety profile documented from use in more then 45 countries worldwide. Monofer® is an innovative agent and we expect that both products will play a major role in the future IV iron therapy in China," says Pharmacosmos President and CEO Mr. Lars Christensen, "We are very excited about our new partnership with Eddingpharm and we look forward to establish a strong iron business in China with Eddingpharm as our partner."

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1) Cosmofer® Core Summary of Product Characteristics

2) Monofer® Core Summary of Product Characteristics

© 2010 Pharmacosmos A/S. CosmoFer® and Monofer® is a registered trademark of Pharmacosmos A/S.

About Eddingpharm

Eddingpharm is a leading specialty pharmaceutical company operating in the rapidly growing Chinese healthcare market. Founded in 2001, Eddingpharm has grown from a sales and marketing company to a full commercialization service provider for multinational and domestic pharmaceutical companies. The company focuses on in-licensing, marketing and distribution of complementary hospital pharmaceutical products, effectively providing a "one stop" interface to both its suppliers as well as its customers.

Merrill Lynch invested in Eddingpharm in 2008. Orbimed, Domain Associates and Sequoia healthcare funds invested in Eddingpharm in 2010.

About Pharmacosmos A/S

Headquartered in Denmark, Pharmacosmos is a family-owned, international healthcare company with more than 50 years of innovation and leadership in iron- and carbohydrate-based treatments and solutions for human and animal use.

A research-based company, its ongoing R&D programme focuses on improving the lives of patients with iron deficiency with or without anaemia. More than 1 billion people live with iron deficiency anaemia and it is the leading cause of death for an estimated 180,000 people every year. This makes it one of the largest global health challenges of our time.

Pharmacosmos has subsidiaries in the Nordics, the UK and the US and its products are marketed in more than 80 countries across the world. Its manufacturing facilities are approved, among others, by the Danish Medicines Agency and the US FDA.