Pharmacosmos establishes UK subsidiary

July 8, 2010

On July 1, 2010, Pharmacosmos and Vitaline Pharmaceuticals formally agreed to enhance their collaboration by merging Pharmacosmos and Vitaline Pharmaceuticals. Pharmacosmos' new, fully-owned UK subsidiary will be named Pharmacosmos UK and Mr. Colin Boots is appointed General Manager.

"We are truly delighted to announce this important step forward for Pharmacosmos. Vitaline Pharmaceuticals has always been our preferred partner in the UK, because we feel a strong, shared aspiration for providing patients and healthcare professionals with quality treatment for iron deficiency anaemia," says Lars Christensen, M.D., President and CEO of Pharmacosmos: "We believe strongly in Colin Boots and his team's commitment to advance treatment of iron deficiency anaemia. By establishing Pharmacosmos UK we are eager to continue and improve our service offering to healthcare professionals involved in IV iron therapy".

Colin Boots, General Manager of Vitaline Pharmaceuticals, says, "The close and strong relationship we have shared with Pharmacosmos for more than 10 years makes this decision a preferred next step for Vitaline. Pharmacosmos is a perfect fit for us and we believe that joining the Pharmacosmos family will help us further improve treatment options for patients with iron deficiency anaemia in UK."

A key task for Pharmacosmos UK will be the launch of Monofer® (iron isomaltoside 1000) in July, a new IV iron product for the treatment of iron deficiency anaemia1. Monofer® is developed by Pharmacosmos and offers the possibility of full iron repletion in one, rapid visit1.

Today, Monofer® is approved in 16 countries, including: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Contact for further information

Lars Christensen, M.D.
President and CEO
T: +45 5948 5959


1) Monofer® Core Summary of Product Characteristics

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About Pharmacosmos A/S

Headquartered in Denmark, Pharmacosmos is a family-owned healthcare company with more than 20 years of innovation and leadership in iron deficiency anaemia care. A research-based company, its ongoing R&D programme focuses on improving the lives of patients with iron deficiency anaemia.

Pharmacosmos markets its products in more than 60 countries across Europe, the Americas and Asia. Its facilities are approved by both the Danish Medicines Agency and the US Food & Drug Administration.